"The Storm" is a story of world issues that affect us most: disease, poverty, and international warfare. Filmed on-location in Eastern Africa, director Ross Birchall takes you to the heart of the matter: rural villages, medical clinics, government meetings, and more. Prepare for a true eye-opening look at the struggle to overcome world poverty, the thriving drug trade, and international disputes, alongside a message of hope and determination to break new ground in the fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS.Deep in the heart of Eastern Africa, in the dry, red soil, brothers lay a body to rest in a shallow grave. The look on their faces is not one of sorrow, but of weariness: it is not the first time they have carried out this procedure, nor will it be the last.

Halfway around the world in Washington D.C., decades previous, John F. Kennedy gives his inaugural speech to a motivated crowd of Americans, pledging to "help those in huts and villages across the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery;" not to gain votes, "but because it is right."

In 2008, a new documentary presents the compelling story of a continent in disarray, and those with the power to save it. This is a storm of a different kind, a storm that is gaining momentum and working its way to the core of civilization. Trust, violence, faith, power, disease, passion, devotion, jealousy, hunger, soul, desire, hate, and love. These are the emotions and abilities that fuel the ultimate creation and destruction of the problem at hand.

This is Africa.

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