David Madill

Associate Producer David Madill has been with Nightlife Pictures Ltd. and "The Storm" since conception. On-location for the entire shoot, bringing his knowledge of North American and African cultures, and the struggle at hand, David proved an invaluable asset in terms of the story being told and the human side to issues discussed in the film. In post-production, his passion for the project persisted, and a major story-teller was born. Working now outside the producing realm, he is proud to have played an integral role in the creation of such a project.
Raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, this is David's first project in the film and television industry.

Kyle Maglio

Lead Web/Graphic Designer Kyle Maglio has been with Nightlife Pictures Ltd. since its conception. Starting out as a game designer in Vancouver, British Columbia, he has been on board as a full-time designer for "The Storm" since 2007. His creative and persistent work ethic has surmounted many technical challenges, and he has established a vibe like no other for the film. Kyle proved himself most valuable in post-production, working tirelessly to bring the thoughts of the team into formal existence.
Raised in both Nelson and Vancouver, British Columbia, Kyle's credits in the mobile and general gaming field include the adaptations of Ridley Scott's "Gladiator", Steven Spielberg's "Boom Blox", and EA's "Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 06/07".

Ross Birchall

Ross Birchall formed Nightlife Pictures Ltd. in 2006, the first project of which was "The Storm". The concept was at first a short film to capture, however briefly, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in a small town in Kenya, Eastern Africa, to be shown in North America in an awareness campaign. Upon arrival in February, 2007, when the full realization of the conflict and issues set in, he re-wrote the premise. The result: a feature-length documentary not only covering the epidemic, but the controversies surrounding it and mass affliction. In the subsequent two months following principal photography, struggling to put one word to what was seen, Ross sat in his room one night and instead came up with a list of the emotions and abilities that fuel not only the problems, but the solutions: trust, violence, faith, power, disease, passion, devotion, jealousy, hunger, soul, desire, hate, and love. Ultimately, these became the tagline for the film.
Born in Vancouver, and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Ross' select filmography includes the well-received 10-part mini-series "Terminal City", the feature film "White Noise", and the long-running series "The Odyssey".